The Betha and Teff Sarasin Foundation represents the artists Betha Sarasin and Teff Sarasin and their work. To show the works of the two artists the foundation needed a suitable online platform. So a prerequesite for this project was to build it into the existing platform of Jimdo. While Jimdo can be used as a simple drag and drop site builder it allows for some advanced coding of basic css, html and even minor javascript. This in the end allowed to come up with a custom design inside the existing Jimdo interface.


Language Switcher

While most needed features of the website were straight forward to implement, the ability to switch the language of the website was a bigger challange. Jimdo handles most of the routing of all pages but does not come with multilanguage support by default. Here, subsite were repurposed to allow for a seamingly switch between an english and german version of the website.

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